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I’m a Traveling Pup, I am! !Aloha!

October 30, 2010

Whew, sorry it took me so long to get back to you all. I was a little under the weather as I had some wicked bad sunburn from my recent Hawaii trip with Uncle Austin. Sunburn, Volcano burn, whatever you wanna call it I suppose.

Yup, I said volcano!

So this trip was my first trip on a flying airplane! Flying airplane, I suppose you knew that airplanes flew, huh? Well anyhow. I was a little scared but I did not show an ounce of that   crap to anyone. I puffed up like a blow fish to show my strength ( which in dog terms just means that the hair on my neck was standing up, and I showed a little pearly whites under my beautifully spotted mouth )

A little Tense Before Boarding

We had our share time on that plane, who am I kidding by saying THAT plane!! Like I was only on one plane, nope I even got on a small plane ( thought it was made just for me, kinda felt bad for Uncle Austin and the rest ). I was a little ashamed of this picture because I think you can see a little of the   in my muffled anxious grin! Though I did have plenty of stuff to do on the plane ( not the doo I wanted to though-hehe) 
Ay yi yi

Once we arrived in Hawaii it was an automatic response to pee on a palm tree. Never really seen one before. It was a pretty cool looking tree which meant I had to make it known that it was MINE!!! We stayed in an awesome hotel (Which had plenty of palm trees too, I was pre-occupied for at least the first hour and a half)

 Well, Im off to bed now. But my next post will be our fun day trips!!!!
Ta ta!

Spotty Memories @ Fall Harvest Craft Show

October 12, 2010



Harvest Sale


The Day School Committee is sponsoring a fabulous opportunity for you to start your holiday shopping early!  Join us for the Falls Church Harvest Sale~ featuring local crafters and vendors with unique goodies to fill your holiday stockings!


November 4th & 5th, 



The Falls Church


Here’s a sneak peek at some of the great

merchandise that will be available for sale:


Chocolates    Stationery  Embroidery  Gifts

  Bead Jewelry     Bake Sale  Wreath Sale

      Baby Gifts     Photo Cards         Monogrammed Gifts 


115 E. Fairfax Street  Falls Church, VA 22046  703.532.7600

Dream Pigeonholed for Keen Sense of Smell

August 31, 2010

Size Does Not Matter

So as you can see my size may be considered as a challenge to a normal sized person. As you can see all I see are ankles and shoes. Not to mention that if anyone spits their gum out I could be in some trouble, some sticky trouble. But really I am used to it. Most people seem to see me. They are not looking for me really, they are looking for that infamous hundred-dollar bill or nickel on the ground that someone dropped. Good luck, right. {chuckle chuckle ruff ruff }  

So we left off at our trip to Fenway Park and the Green Monstah, right? Well after that I got to fulfill one of my biggest dreams…. 

{whimsical sound fades in} Become an honary K-9 Police Officer {whimsical sound fade out}. 

That’s right folks. The tin, the glory, the tin, the instant authoritative sound in my bark, oh and the tin.  

“Bad Boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when we come for you? ruff ruff”  

Nothing like holding your head out the window with purpose.  

Rin Tin Tin Complex

One problem with this whole K-9 gig. The smells. OHHHH the smells. Some worse than others, but some definitely worse than those some! Hmmm I guess what I am mumbling about is criminals smell worse than I, what I do and make my people pick up I mean! 

I mean shower before  partaking in your criminal ways, or before REALLY whatever, just shower. And of all places to hide your ‘junk’, C’MON, come up with something better! Or better thought QUIT THE JUNK!   Anyhow.  

 So needless to say the gig was temporary but I tip my little hat to all that serve! I am home only for a little bit as my departure to Hawaii is very soon. So until then ALOHA!

Do you speak FLAIR & Embellishments? -WordBooks!

August 22, 2010

Recently I started stepping outside the normal scrapbooking box and started to dabble in Chipboard and WordBooks. At my favorite scrapbook store Scrapdoodles, in Spotsylvania, VA , I found these fantastic WordBooks by s.e.i. beginnings. They come as a complete white blank slate. You can decorate to your heart desires. 

I have found that the best adhesive to use for these projects  is Xyron. It’s an adhesive machine that is pretty inexpensive at your local craft store that comes in multiple sizes depending on your desired project. It can make anything into a sticker  and even laminate. You can use different cartridges for different projects. They have Permanent and re-positional Adhesive and many more! 

Items Use; 

Father WordBook

  • Xyron Permanent Adhesive
  • s.e.i.beginings WordBooks
  • Multiple types and style Ribbons
  • Puffy Paint
  • Acid Free Cardstock
  • Different fabric

Mother WordBook

I have noticed that when using puffy paint you have to be careful. I recently placed two WordBooks on top of one another and when I pulled the top one up it pulled some of the paint up with it. Easy Fix; but something worth avoiding.  

Baby WordBook

 WordBooks can be great gifts. They don’t hold too many photos. But what is nice is you can highlight a few awesome pictures and some journaling which can make it more personal. Some like to add lots of flair and embellishments. I love to use fabric, cardstock, buttons and stickers. I don’t like to over do it so that it takes away from the actually pictures or journaling that will be done, as that is really the purpose of the book. 

Just remember to have fun and use anything to Flair it up that you want. Make it yours! 

The Green Monstah and I, You Don’t Scare Me!

August 17, 2010

Sittin’ Monstah side

I took on the Monstah, Fenway Park; the best ball park there is. I Got to see my Favorite team up close and personal, even though half of the team is on the DL! It was quite fun. We took a tour of the park and learned a lot of fun facts. For instance did you know that there is a secret code on the score board? Hmmm bet you didn’t! And that every MLB Player that has played at Fenway has the opportunity to leave their legacy in the Park as well. Fenway had such a great feel to it. It was everything I could ever dream it was. Thankfully people tend to respect this park more than others because I did not once step in a wad of gum or get drenched with a coke.

What is even better is I don’t think I saw one Yankees fan anywhere! How flipping awesome is that. I’ve been to a few Nationals and Orioles game and those people always seem to show their nasty little attitudes at every ball park. Surprisingly though most of the sport stores in the area of Fenway sold Yankees and Sox gear!?! Really..C’mon we are SOX NATION in SOX TOWN and you’re selling boo hoo Yankees crud. I was so surprised I think I lost a few spots.

Rocking my Ol' school seat

 We got the true feel of Fenway by sitting in some original seats from the good ol days of Ball. They were perfect size for me. But I noticed a few human peps that seemed to overflow into the seats next to them (they were a little bigger than normal pep size).  I guess since McDonald’s starting super sizing their fries Ball Parks and Stadiums had to supersize their seats. It’s not fair. The second I start gaining weight they put me on some dry nasty prescription diet, something like Science Diet or whatever. But regardless its nasty. But if the human peps get big they just make the things they interact with BIGGER! hmmm. Just saying is all.  But fortunately it was a comfortable game for all involved this night. Well that is except for the guy across from us who thought he could play baseball better than the ones making millions on the field. The mother of two next to us and my mum had to yell at him for being a jerk.


During our tour of the park I really wanted to walk on top of the Teams dugout and the lady told me no! But once we got into the park for BP I was on it like white on rice. I danced, I laid down, rolled around all but well you know! I’d had done that if I was on the Yankees dugout, left them a little surprise I mean. Hahahahaha! After BP we watched a great game, even though we lost. BUT…..there were multiple plays at home, a few home runs and well actually getting to sing or really yell Sweet Caroline at an actual game was sooooo worth it!!! SO GOOD! SO GOOD! SO GOOD!

The Bird’s Secret was told to me, by Him

August 11, 2010

This week the ladies in my small group and I have begun a 52 Verse Memory Journey. A verse a week for a total of 52 Verses to memory and along the way creating a book to display our accomplishments and the Word of God. 

Supplies used: 

  • 2 Photo Albums, Enchante Accessories Inc. from Michaels (30 pages) $4.99 each-Great suggestion by Bernadette. In order to have 2 picture slots per verse I used some of the inserts and added them to the other album.
  • 1 Brown textured Lacquer page from the Autumn Afternoon collection from g.c.d studios.
  • Xyron 5″ Creative Station
  • You can use any type of ribbon or textile to decorate the spine.
  • Any embellishments can be used on the cover.

52 Verse Supplies


Since this is my journal of my 52 weeks of putting the Lords words to memory I took decorating this to heart and wanted it to have true meaning. I didn’t want to over do it and make it too busy. So I figured that whatever the theme is going to be it should remind of the awesomeness of our Lord and bring Him Glory. So what did I do?


Every time my mind is clear and in the right place and I am open to seeing the Lords great gestures I am blessed to have my attention caught by birds, and it always brings a smile to my face.

For example: I was on my way into to work and was not ready for the stressful day ahead of me that I knew was coming. So in the car I had my talk with Him and as I sat at a stop light I turned to the right. There was the little bird that flew to the pole where the street signs were on and he grabbed onto the pole and was very crooked. His little feet were vertical compared to his chubby little body. He then look around the area as to making sure that no one saw him, and that no one would see his little, and I mean little hiding spot of a home. Then he popped his chubby little body into this tiny little hole where the street sign was screwed on.

It may not seem like much to you, but it made my day. Because I knew that I, and I only was meant to see that. It was a gift to me, and it was beautiful. So I know that the Lord uses the birds to calm me and remind me of His beauty. 

52 Verse Journal


When I start getting into the body of my Journal I will be sure to update you. Have a good night. Oh and the first Verse I think I have down = ) 

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old is gone, the new has come” 

2 Corinthians 5:17

Free Teddy Bear w/any Purchase

August 7, 2010

We have some cute little Teddy Bears ready to accompany your mini-accordian scrapbook back to your house.

Teddy Bears Summer Event

Right now with any purchase you will get a Free cute Teddy Bear. We have 6 to choose from! We have the little Military Camo Bear that is sporting the yellow ribbon on his chest, a sweet little bear with a Flag heart on his sweater, Freedom for all bear, two bears rocking the hoodies in burgundy and green, and the Fire Bear! (While supplies last)

You can purchase an already made album on our website or have a custom one made for as low as $10.50. Visit us at For custom orders email us at with what theme/occasion you are looking for.